Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jay Paterno Is Now Blogging!

Jay Has A Blog. It is called the HD Journal. There was much rejoicing throughout the land.

The blog is essentially an extension of Jay's activities on Twitter as he will be able to expand on the questions folks submit to him via direct messages.

All we can hope for is that Jay drops some tasty knowledge nuggets on our domes during the off-season. Honestly, is there anything else to do during this but hang on every word Jay Tweets or blogs? I suppose we could hold our collective breath until Joe acknowledges twitter but it would just leave us vaguely purple and unconscious.

I am fired up.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

JayPa is very accommodating and informative in his blog. (I wonder if Guido is helping polish his image?) If we have another good year, he will build his support base among the fans. However, when/if we stumble, it will be interesting to see how/whether he handles negative criticism on his blog.