Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great Expectations

In preparation for the 2009 season it is important to evaluate what
one is expecting out of the 2009 season.  It is important to
distinguish expectations from prediction; expectations are where you
have set the bar for a successful season where as predictions are what
you consider to be a realistic outcome for the season.

I've recently been chatting with my main man, the Juleser, about
expectations/predictions for the 2009 season.  Juleser came right out
with the prediction of 12-0 and then the Lions stomp Oklahoma in the
title game.  Pie in the sky?  Maybe.  It is also what I dream of at
night.  However, this is merely a prediction.  It may be a glorious,
wonderful prediction but a prediction nonetheless. On the other hand,
expectations are the dividing line between success and failure.

My expectations for the 2009 season is: 10-2.  I think if the Lions
get 10 wins you can consider the season a success.  10-2 would put the
Lions in contention for the Big Ten Title (though probably missing at
10-2).  Anything less than 10-2, however, I would consider an abject
failure.  9-3 or 8-4 puts the lions at around 4th in the Big Ten and
settling for some incredibly shitty bowl game.  This would be
terrible.  However, anything better than 10-2 would be complete gravy.
11-1 puts the Lions in position to win/share the Big Ten Title.  12-0
means the Lions should win the Big Ten Title out-right and put the
Lions in position for a National title.  I'm not predicting the Lions
playing for a title, I'm just saying anything worse than 10-2 is the
worst record which Penn State fans should still consider acceptable.

High expectations are good.  High expectations mean the program is
running well and the fan base is demanding a high quality product be
presented on the field in exchange for ever higher ticket prices and
the hundreds of dollars I mindlessly spend on Penn State Paraphernalia
nearly every day!  The pressure of great expectations will forge
excellence in the crucible of the off-season.



ageing_lion said...

I disagree with you. The expectation should be the meh factor. For me that would be 9-3. I would feel very happy with a 10-2 season. I agree that a 8-4 season would be disappointing.

The scary part is that the season will depend on the combination of a green offensive line and Clark. Clark can make up for the lines short comings with his abilities and experience. However the green line makes the probability of Clark getting knocked out of a game/games that much greater. A green QB and a green line won't cut it as the defenses will unmercifully rush 5 or 6 all day.

JB said...

I agree with you on the offensive line being green, however, Clark is an experienced player and could be the best QB in the Big Ten this year. If Clark's scrambling can make up for a young O-line and the DBs play well PSU can make a run. If not, the Lions will have a tough year.

jd said...

i say shoot high. 12-0 can be done given our schedule.

of course, that assumes that media darling SEC/USC teams kill themselves with infighting.