Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Student Tix Still Available! (wait, what?)

The Collegian is reporting that Student tickets are still available!

The reports are that Senior tickets were still available when they closed yesterday and that not all of the Junior tickets have been sold either (though it is still open).

Apparently the university is pleased because the new ticketing process has cut down on people trying to get tickets specifically to resell them:

"What we're doing is making some great strides in eliminating the scalping of student tickets," he said. "What we're most pleased with is the students who were buying tickets and trying to post them on eBay 15 minutes later, that part of the population has been eliminated from the student ticket process."

I agree that it is a good thing that these tickets should be made available to the kids who actually want to go to the games.  However, WHY THE FUCK HAVEN"T THE TICKETS SOLD OUT ANYWAY??!?!?!?!?!?

Aren't this year's seniors the kids who were freshman for the 2005 season?  Weren't they there when the Student Section was declared best in the country?  Why haven't these kids bought up all the seats for this year!?!

I'm just a little dismayed that the current students aren't foaming at the mouth for these tickets.  I would cut off a finger (tip) for season tickets!

If Sean Lee hears about this he is going to tear you limb from limb (he is a bear-man after-all).

So come on freshmen and sophs, get fired up and buy some fucking tickets!  WOOOOO!



NEPA Lion said...

In defense of my fellow classmates who were freshman during the 2005 season - we just graduated (attended 2005, 06, 07 and 08 seasons).

If they would let recent grads buy them, we would in a heartbeat.

HHV said...

Actually, that 2005 class graduated this past Spring. Granted, some of those kids are probably on the "State High plan" (i.e. going more than 4 years through undergrad) and are still around. I bet they all bought tickets though.

JB said...

I stand corrected. The seniors here were disheartened early on due to Anthony Morelli. ZING!