Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Apparently, this is why Seniors didn't sell out all their tickets, and it is incredibly lame.

I mean honestly:

But it's just too much responsibility, too big of a burden. I'm a rising senior, I'm 21, and I'm too old for this! 

The responsibility of waking up for noon kickoffs when you've been out all night before, and all you want is one more hour of sleep, is too much, and you have to pace yourself for the night games, staying till the end of blowouts, and being able to remember who played well and who got embarrassed.

Really?  Too big a burden? Where is that coming from?


Let no act of ours bring shame....

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jd said...

youth is wasted on the young.

i will never hire a kid like this. no heart, "me first".

cripes, i had two jobs (military and barworker), played rugby, was a mechanical engineering major, etc. and this was during the dark years. but i would be damned if an "early" starting time kept me from those games.