Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What Concerns You Most?

What is on your mind the most about the upcoming football season?

Is it Joe's Hip?  Or, even less relevantly, how much money Joe makes?

Could it be the weak schedule?

Or might it be the untested nature of the Offensive Line and the Secondary?

Yeah, it has got to be the O-Line and the secondary. 

Penn State will be a good team this year, however, it will depend on how well some inexperienced players fare at these key positions that will determine whether the Lions can win the Big Ten and possibly have a chance to play for the National Title.  Penn State opens the season with three patsies (Akron, Syracuse, and Temple) at home before being tested when Iowa comes to town.  The development of the defensive secondary and the offensive line during these three games will be critical to how the rest of the season progresses.  Similarly, the Iowa game will be an excellent early season barometer to determine how high PSU can fly.

I'm a little nervous already.  However, my spirits have been buoyed by the recent acquisition of a HDTV and an HDDVR.  The combination of which will bath me in Hi-Def PSU-goodness all season and into the off-season.  Life will be good.


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