Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Student Section Not So Fired Up!

With student ticket pre-registration underway we have the numbers on just how fired up the Students are to jam into Beaver Stadium and go fucking crazy for 8 games!  The answer: slightly less than last year!  Wait, WHAT?

The Collegian is reporting that Student Ticket Pre-Reg is DOWN over last year.

Myford could not provide exact numbers but said "just under 40,000" students registered this year, while "more than 40,000" students registered last year. There are only 22,000 tickets available for students every year.

I am completely disappointed.  How is there less interest in seeing the games after the team won the Big Ten last year (for the second time in 4 years)?  I suppose I will have to console myself with the fact that there are still nearly twice as many registrations as there are seats available.  After all, it could be a lot worse.  We could be where Pitt is at as far as attendance. 

Time to man up, Students!  Get fired up!

Yikes. (Via BSD)



BryanCover said...

Isn't there a new ticket tracking system that prevents less scalping. That could be a dissentive. Also kids could just be pissed that ~20k people didn't get tickets that wanted them with a record sell out.

rich said...

The new system and price are to blame I think. Anyone who planned on just buying tickets to scalp them probably didn't register this year. Also, while there are 8 home games, students don't look/think about that. All they see is the $247 bucks they have to pony up.

JB said...

All of these things could have contributed to a smaller turn out for tickets. I also understand that we are talking about a very small decrease in interest, however, any decrease at this time is disturbing. After all, PSU is experiencing a great time in it's storied history. 40+ wins over the last four years, 2 big ten titles, and 4 straight bowl appearances. For interest to decline in this climate of excellence is disturbing.

BK said...

It is ABSOLUTELY from the new e-ticket policy. I think this is a positive sign with regards to the school's efforts to curb scalping amongst students. Now the student section will be even louder b/c students will have extra cash to spend on Natty!

JB said...

I had completely overlooked the "Natty" factor. This could be potentially awesome.