Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rewatching The Iowa Game

I feel like this is something I need to do and I also feel like I'm ready to rewatch this game without being driven mad.

A quick thought on Royster; Royster has a peculiar ability to not only commit to the hole and run with power but he is equally capable of running "skinny" while in in traffic. By "skinny" I mean that he never seems to take direct and punishing contact he just turns his body and takes a glancing blow or spins off. Terriffic.

The offense in general looks great in the first half of this game. I have no idea how the Lions dropped this game.

Offensive line was great last year. Run blocking and pass blocking all members of the line were very solid. You have to figure if the starters were great last year that the younger players have to be pretty good behind them. Right? I mean, the Lions' line will be fine in '09, right?

Shonn Greene was a great college player. I hope he is able to stand up-right by the time he is thirty because Iowa gave him the ball every damn time and he gets hit three times per carry.

By comparison, Stepfon Green is just fucking fast. Stepf seems to have limitless potential to be a game-changer but there was something missing. I don't know if he will improve as he becomes more comfortable with the offense.

This game is the perfect example of missed opportunities costing a team. PSU was dominating Iowa through the first three quarters but the Nits had a really tough time putting the ball in the endzone and it came back to bite them. Sigh. I also think PSU will take heating machines on every road game from now on regardless of the forecast.

I could not be more excited to watch Bowman and Sean Lee get a chance to play together. The Defensive line had to be dominant in 2008, however, in 2009 as long as the D-line can occupy blocks Lee and Bowman will take care of the rest.

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Sybraspace said...

Yeah, it's was on the BTN greatest games replay and I could not stand to watch. Some concern on the rematch with Iowa so early on the schedule this year. Many have them picked at the 3rd team in the B10. Would have preferred a 3:30 start and student white out only.