Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting Fired Up!

Just re-watched PSU vs. Tosu 2008. It is as awesome as you remember.

Navarro was a goddamn bear. The thought of teams having to account for both him and Sean get me all pumped.

What really stuck out to me though was how (relatively) early in the game TP's fumble was. In my mind it sticks out as the play of the game and I remembered Rubin poking the ball away late in the fourth quarter to seal the win.

While it was the play of the game, the fumble occurred in the 3rd quarter and PSU was trailing at the time! The next drive is where Devlin leads the team down the field and then pushes the ball into the end-zone himself.

Which leads me to mourn the loss of Devlin all over again. Mr. Devlin was a good player who knew the offense and could clearly play at a high level in college. It was clearly illustrated as he just steps right in and leads PSU down the field on a game winning drive, on the road, on national TV. The guy could play.

If you need a reminder as to why offensive linemen are some of the most important players on the field just go and watch the last quarter of this game. Shipley and the gang completely took over the game. They just pushed the Buckeyes out of the way. The O-line is the reason why the Lions widened the lead to seven and probably won.

Also, they played Brandi Carlile's The Story which just made me go download it and get all fired up!

I feel like 2009 is going to be another good year.

I'm all jacked up on coffee and Penn State's excellence!



Devon Edwards said...

You're right, Devlin and his zero completed passes won us that game.

It was pure Royster, pure O-Line. Not Devlin.

JB said...

You're right, Devlin completed zero passes. However, he had a big play which wasn't a completed pass but was a pass interference call for a big first down to move the Lions down the field.

He also lead the game winning drive down the field, and scored the go ahead TD himself.

jd said...

after reviewing many of last year's games, i find it stunning that shipley was taken so late in the draft.

JB said...

I agree. I watched some of the combine stuff and the knock against him was that he had "short arms".

I would much rather take a guy who plays tough, physical, knock-em-out football than somebody with a wing span that is 2" longer than AQs.