Friday, September 25, 2009

Game Time!

The preseason is over, Iowa has rolled into town, Paternoville is growing; lets get it on.

Paternoville has grown from a quaint village into a bustling metropolis of excellence:

110 tents, with just over 900 campers registered, Paternoville Coordination Committee (PCC) public relations representative Dan Saxton said. Those numbers should get a little larger before Saturday's game.

900 campers?  Good lord.  These kids get here early and they are fired up the whole time!

Speaking of getting to the game early, you need to get to the game early as Penn State is going to search your shit:

The most visible change that will affect fans will be at the gates, where inspections of bags will be more deliberate and thorough, and could cause a delay in entering the gates. The University regulation on bags will be strictly enforced. The current regulation states that "all patrons are required to have bags checked at the gate. Bags or items larger than 8-1/2" x 11" x 11" will not be permitted into the stadium."
There will be no exceptions.

Which, for my friends, means putting down the copious amounts Lager and Jack Daniels down just a little earlier than usual and get to the game early to make it to their seats.  I love you guys.



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PSU: 24
Iowa: 10

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I think so.