Thursday, September 24, 2009

Will Newsome Run Wildcat?

I was tweeting the other evening (@JablesB) with @BetweenTheLions about getting Newsome on the field for meaningful snaps.  BTL was worried, and rightfully so, because Newsome is the backup QB and he has seen only a handful of snaps in his 3 games at PSU and none of them have been meaningful.  Also, now that the Lions have made it to conference play, where will Mr. Newsome get these snaps?

So, I have been thinking about it and this is what the Lions should do (who knows if it will work out this way). 

Use Kevin Newsome in a Wildcat/option package during portions of the game this weekend.  Here are the reasons this makes perfect sense:

-  The weather could be rough this weekend and will slow down the passing attack.  Having a more diverse rushing attack will come in very handy.
-  Clark is obviously the best passing QB on the team, however, with his history of concussions I think the coaches are rightfully concerned about running Clark too much.
-  Newsome needs to be able to get meaningful snaps and run an offense with confidence even if it isn't the full spread HD.
-  Running Newsome out of a Wildcat/Option offense will add another wrinkle for teams to prepare for.
-  This might help get the running game going.

I'm not saying that Newsome should start or play a majority of the game.  I'm suggesting the Lions use Newsome in a limited package (think frosh-Tebow) to run the ball.  If you think about it this really makes perfect sense.  Plus, you can still have Clark run the ball at times but there is no reason for him to run the ball all the time.

I'm getting fired up!


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