Thursday, November 15, 2007

Again With The Felonies?

So, remember that little Hub Braw? You do? Oh, good. Charges have been filed. Please check out RUTS for a better post than this.

It is good to see that Chris Baker has picked up a second Felony assault charge in the same year! Kudos! Success (at criminal acts!) with honor! Hooray! Damn your oily hides for, ruining every good Criminoles joke, knocking me (not off of my once high horse) but now into the mud!

Are there any fans who need to be/haven't yet been assaulted by the Penn State University in some way? Because Chris Baker or the PIKE fraternity should be able to hook you up! SHIT YEAH!




Anonymous said...

dont understand why joepa didn't kick baker off the team after this fight actually happened. i normally think joepa does a good job, he don't put up with shit and also dosen't feel the need to do what the douch bags at espn think is right, he takes things on case by case and handles it his way.

these are all reasons why i dont understand why hes putting up with this shit. he has kicked talented guys off the team before, so its hard to make an arguement that he is afraide to do it...and its not like we are playing for anything anyway.

JB said...

It is just disappointing to see a team which had so much promise and such high expectations at the start of the year fail in so many ways. The losses will certainly not be the aspect we recall about the 2007 season. It will be the lack of discipline and as possibly the beginning of the end of PSU's once spotless reputation as a unimpeachably classy institution.