Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Norm Chow Meets Pete Carroll

Norm Chow is, of course, on a return trip to LA where he will take up residence as Offensive Coordinator for UCLA. The Bruins being the cross-town rivals of Chow's former employer, USC. The reunion of Pete Carroll and Norm Chow would be completely hilarious. Observe.
The scene is a street in LA
PC: Norm! (while pretending to raise a glass)
NC: That is great. Just like the old days.
PC: I thought you loved that...You know, from Cheers!
NC: Yeah, it is great. Anyway....
PC: So, UCLA. That is fucking great man. What an opportunity for you to learn and grow as being on this little marble we call Earth.
NC: Yeah. Another Coordinator gig. Awesome. You know, I'd be great at your job.
PC: Norman! You are hilarious! I was just about to go eat a lunch comprised mainly of positive energy. Would you care to join me?
NC: Pete, you know that I eat standing at my desk. I have to install this offense quickly so we can whip you chumps in the fall.
PC: Norman, that is not the way to do things. You have got to achieve a state of complete tranquility with yourself, your team, and the field. For example, I'm actually going to be lying in a pile of grass clippings from the Coliseum all afternoon. You know, to FEEL its energy.
NC: You have got to be kidding me. Don't you have recruiting to do, or something?
PC: Of course. There are going to be three high schoolers laying in that pile of mulch with me! They can teach us sooo much, Norm!
NC: Well, I'll be seeing ya, Pete.
PC: Norman, before you go. Take this pebble. It has an incredibly powerful energy.
Hands Norman a pebble
NC: See ya, Pete.
PC: I love you.
NC: Bye.

Southern California just got a lot more interesting.


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