Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Recruiting Is Awesome!

Letter of Intent day is upon us! Rejoice, for it gives us something to talk about during the beginning of what is a very, very, long off-season. It is like a tiny flame in the night; huddle around it and feel its warmth! Your wife or girlfriend doesn't understand! Your co-workers call you creepy for perusing a site where they talk about the physical attributes and wishes of 18 year old boys! Screw them! This is important, dammit!

If you are creepy enough to follow recruiting, and we all know that you are at least as creepy as me, you know that Tyrrelle Pryor will be making a decision (maybe) on where he'll attend classes in the fall. From all the gossip, it seems to be narrowed down to Tosu, Mich., and PSU as his final three choices. If you listen to the rumors, and you know I do, it seems that the Buckeyes have the inside track, followed by the Wolverines, with the Nittany Lions holding out a fools hope of landing the #1 recruit in the nation.

Believe me, it will hurt if PSU watches the #1 recruit in the nation (who happens to live in PA BTW) drift over to another neighboring school. It'll just hurt. If you can't keep talent like that in state there is a problem.

But lets be realistic, this is just another form of competition for us college football fanatics. A way for your team to "Win" during the off-season. If you land a good recruit over a rival team you have shown the world that your school is superior! The co-eds are prettier, the facilities nicer, and the football team with the most potential. However, these pre-season rankings have little to do with how a player actually pans out in college. It takes another dash of luck, hard-work, and perseverance for a recruit to emerge as a star in college.

In short, go ahead and get worked up over Pryor and the rest of the recruits. Lord knows, I already am. But remember that the season doesn't end on February 6th.

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NBA Pick said...

yea it can be fun to go tour a bunch of high school teams and scout out their best player(s). i had some fun doing it back in the day...