Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scirrotto To Plead Guilty

The CDT is reporting that Anthony Scirrotto will plead guilty as early as next week. The article doesn't come right out and tell you the terms of the agreement but apparently Scirrotto admitted to the trespass charge when he uttered:
"Scirrotto admitted to going inside knowing he was not permitted to do so, police said."
Though, there seems to be little evidence that big #7 actually assaulted anybody. Odd's are he will probably plead guilty to Criminal trespass and any other charges will be dismissed.

The bigger question is: What affect will this have on his eligibility to play and what will Joe respond with?

Scirrotto didn't miss a minute of playing time because of the charges but will it be different if he admits guilt to a crime? Will Joe suspend him? Temporarily banish him, a la Baker, Bowman, et al?

The defensive backfield is already starting to look pretty skimpy with King going pro and last year's transfers. If Scirrotto faces serious discipline the backfield could be a major problem for PSU in the fall.


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