Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pryor Breathes New Life Into PSU's Hopes

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It has already hit the wire that mega-recruit Tyrrelle Pryor is not going to sign today, Mr. Pryor is going to delay his commitment in order to take an official visit to PSU! (peep it at
"He wants to give Penn State and maybe a couple other schools a fair shot by making a visit before he makes a decision that is going to affect him for the rest of his life."

This, to be perfectly honest, is huge for PSU. Three weeks ago it looked as though Penn State didn't have a prayer at landing the biggest recruit in both PA and the Nation. All it took was a visit from a living legend to bring PSU right back into the mix.

At this point, I think PSU has just as good a chance of landing Pryor as Michigan or the Buckeyes. So get ready Happy Valley. Polish those walls and get fired up!


Brad said...

That's crazy. I didn't think Penn State had a shot at Pryor, but now they seem to be one of the few frontrunners! I'd be surprised if he ends up anywhere other than PSU or Ohio St.

Kevin McGuire said...

GO! STATE! BEAT! BUCKEYES! AND! WOLVERINES! (At least in Pryor sweepstakes)

JB said...

It has been a wild ride. Regardless of whether TP pans out landing him as a recruit will be good for the program.