Friday, February 15, 2008

Scirrotto Speaks!

The Collegian spoke with Anthony Scirrotto and he spoke about the resolution of his criminal proceedings.
"I'm real happy," Scirrotto said, waiting his turn in the tiny rectangular room with a few others around him. "It's a lot of stress off my shoulders. Now I can move on with my life and try to gain the respect that I had before this whole incident occurred."
I'm sure it was. We're all glad it's over too.

On how he handled himself during the season:
"I basically became a hermit," Scirrotto said. "You know, it's college and there's people having fun that aren't really in the right mindset, so anything can happen, whether you provoke it or not. I have just been staying out of those types of situations."
See, this makes me feel bad for Anthony. I went to PSU and lets just say that I had an awesome 4 years. I never had any legal trouble but it does show you the intense scrutiny these kids are under. It is also quite clear that football is extremely important to Scirrotto and he did the right thing and has been laying low for almost a year. Other players, Baker I am looking in your direction, could learn from how Anthony handled himself after finding himself in trouble.

The article goes on to say that #7 felt better prepared in 2006 than he did in 2007 and basically attributes that to the criminal proceedings. Imagine an even more experienced, better prepared, bigger, stronger, Scirrotto prowling the defensive backfield in '08. That is something to get excited about!

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Anonymous said...

He's a genuinely decent guy by all accounts. I really hope he comes back stronger than ever this year and takes a major leadership role in the secondary. That's a group of guys that needs to find a way to rebound from last season's less than stellar performance.