Friday, March 07, 2008

Apathy or Disgust?

There has been much reporting of Penn State's off the field problems over the last 11 months. This blog has been no exception. This string of off-field antics is a notable deviation from PSU's record for civility. Recently, however, I've been just posting what I've learned about the various criminal proceedings against all of these players. What has been missing from all of this is not only my blistering commentary but also my over-the-top-rhetoric. Well, here it comes.

When it comes to all of these problems, one only has two possible feelings on the subject: Apathy or Disgust?

There are valid arguments on both sides. Do you want to skewer these young men for off-field antics typical to similarly situation young adults? These violations also come in a day where blogs (like this one) and the sports media in general inform us of all these indicidents. This is opposed to an era where Joe would handle these issues himself without media attention. Do not make the assumption that no football player ever got a DUI in the 1980s. It was just that when it happened Joe got a call in the middle of the night and he made the kid run until he would never do anything like that again. This was all done w/out any media attention.

Or, do you view donning the Blue and White as a privilege? A privelege which comes with the responsibility to uphold a tradition of excellence both on and off the field?

These issues have certainly bothered me. I have managed to stay perched on my high-horse by simply telling myself that these incidents are done by just a few bad apples. However, when the headlines read:

Quarless is sixth Penn State player suspended this offseason

(emphasis added)

It becomes impossible for this to be just a couple or a few bad apples. This seems to be several players who are getting themselves in situations that make Joe decide to suspend them. What is most disturbing to me is the fact that Joe's wrath has no effect. That having to answer to Sean Lee for hurting the team has no effect. That many of these offenses are SECOND OFFENSES! For example, Baker has multiple incidents of fighting. Quarless just cannot put down the bottle. It is remarkable.

I have to unleash the disgust. Kids will be kids. But enough is enough! I know that these guys give a lot to Penn State. Check this out:

These kids work hard.
But Penn State football is both a privilege and an honor. So stop fucking it up! Not just for some crazy guy who worries to much about PSU football (me). Not just for yourselves. But for your goddamn teammates! Don't let those guys down. Because they are counting on you.

Greatness is right in front of you. You just have to reach out and take it!

Now hit those fucking weights and stay out of trouble!


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