Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Quarless and State Patty's Day

The rumor is floating around that Quarless was suspended after racking up his second underage drinking citation in eight months. If true, odds are it happened on State Patty's Day. Could any of these have been the incident that led to Quarless' downfall?
At 12:28 a.m. Saturday, police were called about a man urinating from a balcony at 340 E. Beaver Ave. But the victim could not say what apartment the man was at or provide a description, police said.

Police came to the rescue of a lost, drunken man who was “trapped” inside the State College Area High School’s track at 650 Westerly Parkway about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. He apparently was too intoxicated to get over a 4-foot-tall fence, according to a police report. The man will be cited with public drunkenness.
Nothing brings bestial side of man like some green beer!



Nick said...

If that wasn't a Westerly address, I might have thought the dug out football/soccer/field hockey stadium, which I heard is over the old dump, I think there was a track around that down in the pit.

Anonymous said...

No, couldn't have been him, they were both me. Just kidding, if he were dumb enough to be one of those kids we really have underestimated his poor decision making skills.

JB said...

Who knows what this kid did, nobody knows for sure but I would bet dollars to donuts that it was somehow related to State Patty's.

You should be able to have a good time in college but show enough smarts to stay out of trouble.

Nick said...

Honestly, it has to be pretty bad. You have to do something really spectacular to stand out to police during St. Patrick's Day celebrations

JB said...

Yeah, he probably wasn't stopped randomly on the street for looking drunk. I figure there has to be some sort of ridiculous behavior to accompany the drunkenness.