Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pryor Visits PSU

Tyrrelle Pryor will be in State College this weekend. More specifically, he will be there to play in the PIAA AA Boys Championship game at the BJC. (HT: Gumbercules at BSD)

Whether this is an official visit or just an un-official visit it is still a great opportunity for TP to check out the campus and some of the facilities. However, TP won't get much of a taste of what PSU is like as all the students are off on spring break. For me, there is nothing better than State College on a crisp fall Saturday but, I guess a Saturday in March will have to do.

Lets also hope that Bradley and Joepa can grab TP and show him some of what PSU has to offer. I'm thinking a stroll through Holuba hall, standing at the 50 yd line of Beaver Stadium, Looking out of the Tunnel and taking in the 107,000+ seats. Maybe let him take a look at the newly available #1 jersey in the Blue & White. That would really get to me. This could be your jersey, the greatest jersey in all of sports!
If you are in the central PA region, I urge you to make your "PSU LOVES TP" sign, get your ticket to the game, and get the kid fired up for PSU!




WFY said...

I believe NCAA bylaws prohibit Penn State coaches from having any contact with potential recruits playing in high school tournaments on campus.

JB said...

I could definitely see that. I suppose he could make it his "official visit". But that seems unlikely.

I still think it gives PSU an advantage!

Blue Blooded said...

We'll have to watch and see if he gets into a fight with the opposing players or the fans. Hopefully the PSU faithful come out in droves to cheer for TP and coax him to enroll! That should minimize the risk of, as Kramer would say, "an incident."

Anonymous said...

Hah! PSU? Why the hell would a talent like Pryor want to throw away his career where he'll handoff 40 times a game and lose to Michigan for the billionth time? The chances of Pryor going to that joke college are about as good as Old Man Paterno going an entire hour without soiling himself.

JB said...

That was quite the burn.

I can only imagine that you must have matriculated with the knuckle-draggers in Ann Arbor or the thieves of Ohio State.

Your rapier wit is both noted and appreciated my brave, anonymous friend.