Thursday, June 19, 2008

PSU Juniors Love Football More Than Seniors?

I posted the other day about the lazy, layabout senior who would rather strum his guitar than take ten seconds to get himself football tickets. Well, Junior tickets went on sale yesterday and while it took the seniors at PSU 8 hours to consume the tickets the Juniors did so in 90 fucking seconds.

Greg Myford explains why the Juniors would rather scramble for their chance to be a part of the greatest student body in college football history instead of strumming their guitar and mumbling their idiotic poetry:

Myford said the "urgency" of the 2006 sale could explain this year's rapid sale.

"Prior to [the 2005] season, there was not the same urgency," Myford said. "The junior class was really the first class that experienced that avid demand and kind of that ticket sale frenzy mentality. There's a new normal to the urgency with which students go about buying their tickets, and that's something the current senior class didn't experience."

The Seniors, well, they only experienced huge demand for three years. That first year of apathy is back and better than ever.

This is what I'm talking about, Juniors!



Anonymous said...

I bought my senior tix within the first 90 I guess I'm disappointed in the rest of my class that everyone didn't pounce on the system at 7 AM. Nice job, class of 2010.

JB said...

Partially, I think this is the fault of the Collegian for finding the most apathetic student to get tickets in the last 100 years.

I know that there are seniors who are totally fired up and I bet that a bunch of tickets sold right away.

However, clearly the demand does not permeate the entire senior class.

jd said...

outside of anonymous above (kudos to you sir), i hesitate to see these seniors as employable for said transgression.

on a side note-hotels for the OreSU game have long since sold out and I may have just acquired tickets. does psu have a policy about sleeping in one's car overnight saturday?

JB said...

I know people who have slept in RVs but I haven't known anyone to sleep in their car.

This might not be helpful, but here is a link to PSU's overnight parking policy: