Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ohio St. Youtube Fan Attack: The Final Fallout

The criminal punishments have finally sorted themselves out in the Fan attack at Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at PSU. You might remember this one. It is where a bunch of feckless douchebags attacked a couple of Ohio St. fans, video taped it, and then posted it on the internet. Well, all the parties involved finally got their comeuppance, The Collegian has the story.
Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, 417 E. Prospect Ave., paid $327 in fines and various court costs on Monday for the disorderly conduct citation police issued the chapter on Nov. 1.
This seems reasonable to me. It is clear that not only was this attack the acts of only a few douchebags but also one cannot fine a frat thousands of dollars for a fight on their premises. If you did there wouldn't be any more fraternities anywhere.
Richard Eisenberger, 20, of Easton, was the most visible person in the video and could be seen throwing an open beer can at an Ohio State University fan at close range. Eisenberger, a student at the University of Pittsburgh, was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. His fines for the two citations totaled $537, which he paid on Nov. 15.

This guy is obviously the head turd in charge of general ass-holishness. $537 dollars seems fine. I don't really care. Because for the rest of this guy's life a Google search will turn up hundreds of articles about what a dick (Richard) this guy is. Imagine the interviews:
Boss: Mr. Eisenberger have a seat. Please tell us why you think you are qualified to be a junior analyst here at Merrill Lynch?
Eisenberger: Well, sir, I graduated from Pittsburgh University with a degree in....
Boss: hahahaha...I'm sorry. Go ahead.
Eisenberger: Like I was saying; I graduated from...
Boss: Ok, that's enough. Why did you attack those guys from Ohio State?
Eisenberger: (silence)
Boss: Well. Thanks for your time.
Eisenberger: Did I get the job?
That's your fallout!



SubwayDomer26 said...

The Pitt douche deserved more, but you are right about his future job search. As a proud member of a National Fraternity, I am glad that Pi Kappa Alpha was not handed anything more severe.
Fuck OSU.

svm said...

Buckeye here, but alas, the guys got what was appropriate. The scorn heaped their way -- and future job interviews aforementioned -- make any severe monetary penalties unnecessary. Kudos to the Penn State blogging community for covering the issue.