Friday, September 05, 2008

Arrington Curses Sports Cafe

I had posted previously about the rumors that College Football God, Lavar Arrington, was planning on Buying the Sports Cafe. The rumors were that the new bar would've been called Linebacker U. This, of course, would've been the greatest bar of old time and would've been a license to print money. However, it turns out that Kevin Anderson (current owner of the bar) had only been stringing Lavar along in order to drum up free publicity surrounding the reopening of the Sports Cafe. In short, Kevin Anderson is a despicable douchebag.

Lavar voiced his disgust in comments to The Collegian:
"I hope the plague falls upon the Sports Café," he said, adding "I hope it's rat infested. Frickin' roach infested."
Which, if you've ever been in the Sports Cafe, isn't really too big a stretch.

Lavar went on to say:
"I hope he never makes another dollar off of Sports Café," Arrington said about Anderson Thursday night.
Lavar is not completely deterred from opening up his own establishment in State College saying:
"Someway, somehow I'm still going to find way to get up there and be a part of the Penn State community that made me be who I am today," LaVar Arrington said. "I'm not going to let petty and feeble-minded individuals that are a part of this situation dictate whether I'm there or not. I'm going to find a place. ... I'm going to find my way to Penn State, I promise you that."
YES! DO IT LAVAR! You represent all that is good in PSU and we would love to have your presence in the area. If you ever open your bar give me a call and I will spend all the money I possibly could there. Don't let the Feckless Douchebags such as Kevin Anderson get you down!

You also have to think that publicly embarrassing and enraging Lavar Arrington has to be the stupidest thing you could do in life. QBs have done far less than Anderson and Lavar has sent them to collect their retirement. Troy Aikman still wakes up in a cold sweat at nights thinking about how Lavar destroyed him.



Jeff Seemann said...

How STUPID! All it takes is one negative comment from a PSU legend like Arrington, and Lion fans will avoid it.

This guy might as well put up a "closed" sign.

Anonymous said...

WOW... Kevin really is a Douche bag. I didn't even know Sport's Cafe closed. LaVar should kick his ass!

Anonymous said...

I was just there on Friday night...I really didn't see where any renovations were done. It was still a lame sausage party.

The godfather said...

Closed sign on the door... nice!
Never forget the Lavar Leap!

Anonymous said...

Someone should start a Boycott the Sports Cafe campaign! Make a facebook group and get it going viral in SC.

LaVar is a brother to all PSU supporters. Let's fight the good fight.

JB said...

There already is a facebook group. I'd love to do an interview with LA and just let him say what he wants.

Mark said...

I just went to Sports Cafe and had an amazing time. It sucks that Lavar isn't the owner, but the place is still a nice spot.