Monday, October 13, 2008

Lavar's Party At Sports Cafe

Much has been made about Lavar Arrington's involvement in purchasing the Sport's Cafe in downtown State College. That is until the former owner seemed to shut Lavar out of the deal, reopen the bar, and try to sell it to someone else.

Well, the new owner wants to get Lavar involved with the new establishment. Lavar posted the following on the Facebook Group: Boycott the Sport's Cafe & Grille
ok so check this out the new owner of the sports cafe wants to team up with me i told him i will throw a huge party there friday and saturday of homecoming weekend im going to host this party with my bros ROHAN MARLEY KYMANI MARLEY AND WHITEBOY FROM VH1 C U GUYS THERE IF IT WORKS OUT LOOKS LIKE I WILL BE SETTING UP SHOP THERE AFTER ALL WE R!!!!!!!!!!
This is pretty awesome if you are going to be in State College for homecoming this weekend. Lavar, if you are out there, please offer the following drinks:
The QB Killa:
A terribly strong brew of 11 types of liquor which could render Troy Aikman unable to remember his own name.

The Line Leaper:
A jaeger, voldka, and tobasco shot dropped into a Red Bull, guaranteed
to propel you over a hapless Illini offensive line!

This would be a great opportunity to party with a living legend!



InScoresofOtherGames said...

Am I wrong or did Lavar, at least once on MNF, name North Hills High, not PSU, as his alma mater. Am I the only one who remembers this? What is with Lavar and the PSU love?

JB said...

He certainly may have. However, the intro which sticks out to me he merely said:


I was fired up beyond words