Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sports Cafe To Be Linebacker U

The CDT is reporting, in the on-going acquisition and transformation of the Sports Cafe, that Lavar Arrington is listed on a pending liquor license transfer for the abandoned watering hole.

In more interesting news, the CDT goes on to say that, according to Borough Zoning Officer Herman Slaybaugh:
“I know it’s going to be called Linebacker U,”
This, of course, is fucking awesome.
Hopefully everything will be ready for an opening before, or on, the opening of the 2008 season. If it is ready by this fall it will instantly become a must see for all returning alumni and visiting fans. I know I have suggested it before, but Lavar, if you're listening, the following drinks HAVE TO BE AVAILABLE!
The QB Killa:

A terribly strong brew of 11 types of liquor which could render Troy
Aikman unable to remember his own name.

The Line Leaper:
A jaeger, voldka, and tobasco shot dropped into a Red Bull, guaranteed
to propel you over a hapless Illini offensive line!

Lavar, you have to make this happen buddy. Get in touch with me and I would gladly be the first to quaff such a brew. Even if you don't give me a call I may just show up demanding that they make me these drinks and then loudly proclaim what they are!

Any other drink suggestions are definitely welcome here and, should he contact me, I will pass the entire list along to Mr. Arrington!



Happy Hour Valley said...

You should read all the moronic posts that are being put up on the CDT's "comment" board regarding this news.
Some are complaining that crime is going to rise significantly due to another drinking establishment opening; another one complained how LaVar has never had any real PSU pride since leaving for the NFL...It blows my mind, I tell ya.

jd said...

copyright those drinks.

lessens the chance of the "flaming no" scenerio.

jd said...

oops. editor is sleeping.

"flaming mo"

of course, in hindsight, was that really the best name for a drink?